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Leadership Development for Activism
and Systems Change

These are turbulent times in which public systems are being pushed to change by people with

conflicting beliefs about what is right. Whether the goal is to ban books or ban a garbage incinerator, advocacy plays a crucial function as a leverage point in systems change.

Change comes from small groups of people committed to one goal.

Individuals and nonprofits have the mission, knowledge, and power - often untapped - to shape public policies and systems critical to constituents and community.

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Business People

Our goal is to develop a cadre of leaders who want

to move from talking ideas to making change happen. Advocacy is about more- a lot more-than lobbying.

our training is virtual or a hybrid of virtual and in-person. Scholarships are available. 

Small group problem solving work is at the core of each workshop, based on real life scenarios tailored to each group of participants. 



Foundations interested in leadership development for advocacy for their grantees

collaborations of change-oriented agencies

Associations who want to build advocacy within their membership

policy organizations who want to move into implementation

individual non-profit organizations

Grass Roots Organizations seeking to make change

Individuals committed to a cause

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